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Rivka Galchen

New York, New York – May 06, 2014: Fiction author Rivka Galchen is photographed for Printers Row Journal in her Lower East Side Manhattan neighborhood, May 06, 2014. Her latest book, “American Innovations,” is a collection of her short stories.

Who Shoots Film anymore?

Claire at her Aunt's Farmhouse

I needed the magic to come back. The Mamiya is so cool! …so tactile! …a real joy for the senses. I don’t love my D800. I like it. I respect it. …but, that spark’s gone. We’re still a good team. We still do good work together and, y’know, we still have fun. But there’s no magic anymore. Looking at the world through that weird electronic viewfinder… It feels so… meh. …my soul needs a good ol’ fashioned ground glass window. My soul needs to see the world backwards.

Bowl of Fruit

Bowl of fruit

An eerie bowl of fruit. Plus how I lit it.

Elizabeth Cline is Hot!

Elizabeth Cline Author Portrait

Portraits of Elizabeth Cline, Author of the Penguin Press book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion.

Treasure Island, Florida pt. 1

Treasure Island:

Over the holidays, I went on a road trip with Mom, her husband, Rick, and Grandmommy from Atlanta down to — get this — Treasure Island, Florida! Yup. Such a place exists. And no. it’s not an amusement park. ha! Can you imagine Grandmommy at an amusement park? hahaha! …we did get her on a […]

Matt Wise, Fire Guy

Matthew Wise fire

 My friend Andrea Wise has a fire juggling brother. So, when I found out I

George Washington University

George Washington University

I noticed this cool-looking night scene walking around George Washington University last Tuesday, November 8, 2011 with Charlie Shoemaker during FotoWeek DC.  

Jen Rynda …the new Matt Roth!

Jen Rynda

BOY! Doesn’t this post’s title sound cocky!? All that means is Jen Rynda replaced me at the Patuxent Publishing Company when I quit last December. And In case you’re curious, she’s doing a great job.  She’s also putting a fresh new face on the Athletes of the Year photos — which, I suppose if I […]

Melissa Golden. …New Home Owner

Melissa Golden, New Home Owner

“I had to stop telling people I live in Ballston, because they think I’m saying ‘Boston.’ So I just say Arlington,” says the lovely and talented photographer Melissa Golden, who’s now a new home owner, the day before moving day Sunday, September 25, 2011. For this post I wanted to showcase what Melissa’s condo was going […]

The Rocky Mountains


After Geekfest was over, Todd Spoth, Monica Lopossay & I went to see the

The Collective: aLIVE! promo shoot

Sarah Anne Austin, Modern Dancer for The Collective

These are photos from a shoot held on the Bryn Mawr School campus in Baltimore, MD, Sunday, June 19, 2011 for The Collective’s “aLIVE” show at the Creative Alliance Fri Aug 26, 8pm. This shoot was a lotta fun and it went exactly how I like em’ to go… a little

Kendrick Brinson

Kendrick Brinson

I had night time a photo shoot with the lovely lady of Luceo, Kendrick Brinson Sunday, August 7, 2011, in her and David Walter Banks‘s backyard.

Keri’s 30th Birthday Pool Party

Keri's 30th Birthday Pool Party

Her husband Jeff  and her best friend Lori celebrate Keri’s 30th birthday pool party at her brother Kyle and sister-in-law Christina’s house in Marietta, GA Sunday, July 31, 2011. Keri’s on the right, by the way. So… I decided it might be fun if I turned the day into

Alex Price Soccer Player of the Year

Alex Price

Marriotts Ridge center midfielder Alex Price led the Mustangs to a 13-3-3 record and the girls soccer team’s first county championship. Here’s the corresponding Howard County Time Article. I couldn’t have asked for a better sky that day. …the temperature could’ve been better, though. If I remember correctly, it was hovering around 20-ish degrees, plus […]

Blue …and some red



My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

The world is funny, isn’t it? Or at lest that how it seems to me. …but then again, I’m the guy who laughs too much during movies. This is the second installment of my Best Runts of 2010. The first is here. Can I first start by saying I can’t stand lifestyle images. You know what […]

My best of 2010

101218EJGilman074 web

Howard County Times girls soccer player of the year, Marriotts Ridge senior center midfielder Alex Price. This was a big year for me. …2010 is my last year as a newspaper staffer. In this post I’m showcasing the images that I think would easily be considered my “best” images from 2010. These are the images […]

Tyler Silberberg, Golfer of the Year

Wilde Lake sophomore Tyler Silberberg, boys golfer of the year.

Wilde Lake sophomore golfer Tyler Silberberg tied for 11th in the state and is the boys golfer of the year. He is photographed at Hobbits Glen Tuesday, November 30, 2010. Here‘s Brent Kennedy’s season wrap up. In case you’re curious, there are two more photos after the jump.

For The NYT’s: Centreville, MD What You Get for … $300,000

What You Get for $300,000

Sally Borghardt’s renovated 1840′s Centreville, MD home is selling for $292,500. Check out the New York Times article and accompanying slideshow. My photos are in the middle. For this shoot I got assignment editor Becky Lebowitz’s approval to use a Nikkor 24mm PC-E — often referred to as a “tilt shift lens” because it does some […]

Off Task

bsBigRedFtbl clr#50766

…during a semi-pro football game.

Grant & Marie Are Getting Married

Grant and Marie's Engagement photos

Grant and Marie are getting married! Believe it or not, but this was shot in a Gaithersburg, MD subdivision — not on a magical hillside. I really didn’t want to make the traditional “updated prom photo” pose, as my girlfriend Jess calls it. Of course I made the safe shots. …we also called them “grandparent” […]

Fencing for Howard Magazine

Gabrielle Galvez wins Bronze in US Fencing Nationals

(photo by Matt Roth) Laurel resident Gabrielle Galvez, with Baltimore Fencing Center of Columbia, won a bronze in the Division 3 Woman’s Epee at the US Fencing Association’s Summer National Championships in Atlanta, GA. Galvez is photographed at BFC Friday, August 20, 2010. This was a really cool shoot for Howard Magazine. It was a […]

Glitter, A Mini-Tramp, and Dancers! …not what you think.


As if you couldn’t tell, I made a promo card. Now, If you want to see The Collective, perform… YOU’RE IN LUCK! They’ll be performing at The Creative Alliance this Friday, August 20th. This is my girlfriend, Jess’s company. …or it’s the company she belongs to/co-directs. Below is the second promo card design, and a buncha cool […]

Rappelling for Kidneys!

vecRapel clr#49679

The National Kidney Foundation of Maryland is using