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Mike Bordick for ESPN the Magazine


Former major leaguer Mike Bordick, photographed at The Arthur W. Perdue Stadium, where the Delmarva Shorebirds “A” minor league team plays, works as a roaming coach for the Orioles minor league system. His title is technically the offensive coordinator, but the former Orioles short stop, who set a MLB record for most errorless games at […]

Matt Fouse

Matt Fouse and his Chickens

Urban farmer (and my neighbor) Matt Fouse with his

The OTHER Matt Roth, the Photographer

The Other Matt Roth The Photographer

So, yeah… there’s another photographer named Matt Roth out there. Professionally, he goes by Matthew Aaron Roth, but to all his friends he’s Matt Roth. Luckily we shoot different subjects. I’m more of a portrait & editorial guy, and he’s an “adventure” photographer. Our only overlap is

Mychael Wright

Mychael Wright

Mychael Wright, a friend of mine, agreed to let me make a few lit portraits of him about a month ago. It was a few days after Hurricane Irene came through and his power was still out. So, I used a portable battery pack. Recently I’ve been trying to make as many

Stephen Michaels… A Serious Man

Stephen Michaels

This is Stephen Michaels. He’s probably one of my favorite people.

Scary Scary Self Portrait

New Grid Test Shots

I FINALLY got some new mods for my Paul C. Buff Einstein — an 11″ Long Throw Reflector and two grids. I went from having only a mini-sun to also shaping my light with something highly directional. The idea was to create a dark dark photo. Something moody with deep deep shadows. That’s easy. I just […]

A Portrait For No Reason …whatsoever.

New Chair for $10

A few months ago I went outside to test a beat up old 24mm lens to see if those HUGE SCRATCHES on the front element would be visible if I took a picture, and that’s when I met Clarence – my neighbor — who I’ve never met before. He was walking down the sidewalk braggin’ to whoever […]

The Collective: aLIVE! promo shoot

Sarah Anne Austin, Modern Dancer for The Collective

These are photos from a shoot held on the Bryn Mawr School campus in Baltimore, MD, Sunday, June 19, 2011 for The Collective’s “aLIVE” show at the Creative Alliance Fri Aug 26, 8pm. This shoot was a lotta fun and it went exactly how I like em’ to go… a little



Finally! Grandmommy agreed to a portrait session Saturday, August 13, 2011. She’s 83 — I know! can’ you believe it? She looks great for her age. For the occasion she made us some grilled cheese sandwiches and served ice cream cones for desert. The shoot was also during the Brave’s game. They lost. But it […]

Mom and Rick

Mom and Rick ...with a bag over his head.

Since I’ve been in Atlanta I’ve been wanting to make a portrait of Rick and Mom for her Birthday — which is TODAY!!! August 17th!!! Happy Birthday, Mom! They got married last summer, and I really like Rick. He’s a great guy, wonderful to my mom, and they make each other happy. They get each […]

Logan & Melissa: Progressive Southerners

  I realize these photos kinda paint Logan & Melissa into a stereotyped corner. Don’t get me wrong, they’re obviously gun owners, tobacco users, and unabashed Southerners. …and proud of it! But there’s more to em’ than all that. I remember Logan saying one of the things he absolutely loves about Melissa is

Sunday Fun Day w/ Luceo’s David Walter Banks & Kendrick Brinson!

Sunday Funday with David Walter Banks and Kendrick Brinson

This is the third and final (and most fun) installment from the backyard photoshoots featuring Luceo photographers Kendrick Brinson & David Walter Banks. David has a “non-photo friend” in Ashville who sends him weekly photo challenges. They showing off how crazy their weekends were via photo texts. They call this little escapade, “Sunday Fun Day.” […]

Keri’s 30th Birthday Pool Party

Keri's 30th Birthday Pool Party

Her husband Jeff  and her best friend Lori celebrate Keri’s 30th birthday pool party at her brother Kyle and sister-in-law Christina’s house in Marietta, GA Sunday, July 31, 2011. Keri’s on the right, by the way. So… I decided it might be fun if I turned the day into

My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 3

Why oh why do I love this picture? Everything about this shoot makes me roll my eyes. First of all, I’m breaking one of my cardinal rules! I HATE HATE HATE making portraits of people holding books, or whatever it is the writer decides the story is also about. So, I don’t do it. If […]

What do you do with a sabotaged assignment?

goKrapcho clr#50499

Draw a mustache! Maia Krapcho, from Columbia, first learned baking at vo-tech school. While she has since moved on to a different career, she finds cake-baking to be a creative outlet. She is photographed in her home kitchen Monday, September 20, 2010. Here’s the Howard County Times’ Go! story. She makes crazy cakes — for […]