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Republican National Convention: Scenes from the Concourse

Republican National Convention 2012

Lets be honest, The Republican National Convention is an example of political theater at its finest. — which I think is hilarious! Not because it’s politics or Republicans, or the fact that all the delegates from Texas dressed in matching cowboy hats and shirts. I think it’s hilarious because it’s sooooo¬†grandiose! The gigantic monitors, for […]

Republican National Convention, Day 3


Republican National Convention 2012 Walkthrough

Republican National Convention 2012

Pictures of The Republican National Convention on Sunday.

Chris Coons for the New York Times

Chris Coons

Chris Coons, Democratic candidate for Delaware’s Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden, poses for a portrait at the New Castle Library Thursday, October 7, 2010. First of all, can I get a round of applause for natural window light? This photo accompanies a truly engaging read from New York Times writer Frank Bruni. […]

For the NYT’s: Mama Grizzly, Jr. vs. The Establishment


Volunteers for Delaware Senate Republican primary candidate Christine O’Donnell meet during a rally at Brecknock Park in Camden, DE Sunday, September 5, 2010. Over the weekend I photographed what’s becoming an important Republican Senate primary race in Delaware for The New York Times. On the one hand we have