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Education Week: Safety & Restorative Practices

Circle Time

The Baltimore City charter school City Springs has implemented several structural practices such as single gender classrooms and the Restorative Practices pedagogy.

Messy Portraits of Kids Eating

Margot eating lunch

Making messy portraits of Margot

Common Core Standards for Education Week

Common Core Curriculum in Maryland

Common Core Standards for Education Week

For The New York Times: Extreme Toilet Cleaning

extreme housekeeping-MD

Bethesda home organizer and interior designer Sally Carle shows how to destroy toilet germs, while staying green, for a New York Times story.

What in the world is wrong with me?

Self Portrait

When practicing a new lighting set up turns juvenile!

City Sparrow Aprons by Kristen Rigney

City Sparrow

What better way to sell aprons than to set stuff on fire, right?

Martha Raddatz for the New York Times

ABC News' Martha Raddatz

ABC News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz sits in her office at the ABC Washington DC Bureau Thursday, October 13, 2011. Martha is a super cool person. When we were setting up the shoot for a New York Times profile, she wanted to know what I was thinking for the shoot. So, I threw […]

Vows For the New York Times : Jason Feifer & Jen Miller

Jen Miller and Jason Feifer's Wedding

Jason and Jen are a writerly couple. I love this quote from the story: “He used a semicolon correctly; that was reason enough to get a drink with him.”

25th Annual D.C. High Heel Drag Queen Race

DC Drag Queen High Heel Race, 2011

Dozens of drag queens raced down 17th Street, between P and S Streets NW near DuPont Circle Tuesday October 25th, 2011. The race is 25 years old! How’s that for stick-to-it-ive-ness? While you’re looking through the photos, I want y’all to play a game. It’s kinda like “Where’s Waldo,” but we’re gonna call it

Nick’s getting married!: The Nerdiest Bachelor Party, pt. 5

Nick's Bachelor Party

Like I said in my last post, Nick’s Bachelor Party weekend was some of the most fun I’ve had in a while. I was hanging out with a bunch of self-proclaimed nerds. Most of them are waaaay into comics. In fact, I might be the only one who wasn’t. I can be nerdy sometimes, but […]

Nick’s getting married!: The Nerdiest Bachelor Party, pt. 4, Lasertron!

Nick's Bachelor Party

Just so you know… I’m absolutely horrible at this game. I scored the least amount of points, whereas Nick was 2nd best and the best on his team. Our team would’ve been obliterated had we not had Michael Bracco and all of his good looking luck. Man! …I hate that guy. I mean, have you seen his

Nick’s getting married!: The Nerdiest Bachelor Party, pt. 3, Mini Golf

Nick's Bachelor Party

We played mini Golf in

Nick’s getting married!: The Nerdiest Bachelor Party, pt. 2, The Players

Nick's Bachelor Party

Click the “I” button in the top left corner to see who is who and what they do.

Jen Rynda …the new Matt Roth!

Jen Rynda

BOY! Doesn’t this post’s title sound cocky!? All that means is Jen Rynda replaced me at the Patuxent Publishing Company when I quit last December. And In case you’re curious, she’s doing a great job.  She’s also putting a fresh new face on the Athletes of the Year photos — which, I suppose if I […]

Mike Bordick for ESPN the Magazine


Former major leaguer Mike Bordick, photographed at The Arthur W. Perdue Stadium, where the Delmarva Shorebirds “A” minor league team plays, works as a roaming coach for the Orioles minor league system. His title is technically the offensive coordinator, but the former Orioles short stop, who set a MLB record for most errorless games at […]

A Driving Tour of Denver. …More Geekfest related stuff.

Geekfest 2011

After Geekfest 2011 ended, Monica Lopossay, Todd Spoth, Ben Rasmussen and I took a driving tour of Denver. And, as expected,

Geekfest 2011, pt. 6!


This is it. This is the last Geekfest-specific post from Denver. For a recap, here are

Kevin Martin! You Rapscallion!

Geekfest 2011

After Kevin Martin was bested by a prank spearheaded by Bettina Hansen he gets a scrap of revenge. …He’s loved.

For AARP Bulletin: Iverson Mall Walkers

Newsmaker - Gloria Dock and Every Body Walk Week

Members of the Iverson Mall Walkers walk the upstairs at Iverson Mall in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland Wednesday, September 14, 2011.     This was an early shoot (yaaaaawn/streeetch), but

The Rocky Mountains


After Geekfest was over, Todd Spoth, Monica Lopossay & I went to see the

Geekfest 2011, Part 5!

Geekfest 2011

This Geekfest post is, by far, the MOST energetic. Up top, we got luchadores throwing hadouken blasts. Below, there’s evidence of the infamous Kevin Martin prank… and

Kevin Martin… You’re Under Arrest!

Geekfest 2011

Geekfest 2011, pt. 3

Geekfest 2011

This is the first installment of the quirkier, more energetic stuff I shot from Geekfest 2011. Yeah. I know. What in the world is going on here? This, my friends, is the friggin’

Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2

This cat’s name is “Somewhere.” I never got a bead on it’s gender so, I’ll just refer to Somewhere as an “it.” It’s the house cat at the Glob, an art & performance space where Geekfest 2011 threw down! The great thing about Somewhere is that Somewhere didn’t