Why The Hell Not?

Gaylord Coston for AARP Bulletin

Gaylord Coston, an AARP Citizen Advocate in Pennsylvania

Gaylord Coston is an AARP Citizen Advocate in Pennsylvania. …and he’s super cool. First off, he let me photograph him all around the gorgeous state capitol in Harrisburg, PA. THEN we drove almost  an hour to

Baseball Factory Yankee Spring Training Experience

Baseball Factory Yankee Spring Training Experience Camp

Baseball Factory Yankee Spring Training Experience at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg College.

Elizabeth Cline is Hot!

Elizabeth Cline Author Portrait

Portraits of Elizabeth Cline, Author of the Penguin Press book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion.

The Maryland Zoo is Full of Weirdos.

The Baltimore Zoo

Fun with anthropomorphism at the Maryland Zoo.

Beer, baby and a brand new tree. A big fat lesson all for me!

Beer, Baby, and a New Tree

Jay Lazar drinks a beer while watering his new sweet gum tree outside his Hampden home accompanied by his five-month-old, Mazen, Thursday, May 26, 2011. When Jay and his wife Tammy Beckman moved in their Hampden rowhome seven years ago, they agreed a tree in front of their home would be nice. So, Jay wrote […]


Patrick Smith

The other day photo friends Patrick Smith (above) and Justin Tsucalas (below) and I played with some big lights at my house.

Blue …and some red



The Smithsonian Museum of Natural Science

At the Smithsonian

Yes yes…. I’m one of those guys who brings a camera to a museum. BUT, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to write off A.) the cost of admission, B.) any

Neil Hamburger at the Ottobar

Neil Hamburger Headlining at the Ottobar

Neil Hamburger Last night (March 14, 2011) The Ottobar hosted a night of comedy, featuring Neil Hamburger, Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser, “Major Entertainer” Mike H, and comedy duo Dan and Alex. aaaaaand I went! — with my friend Monica. It was HILARIOUS! As I’m sure you’ve noticed… I brought my camera, too. When making pictures at […]

1/11 NYC Biz Trip, Part 3

There are all sorts of stories — most funny, some embarrassing — from my trip to NYC in January. And I had every intention of writing them here! (well, maybe not the Bolt Bus bathroom story. that’s an “in person” story.) …but the task became a bit too daunting. And the longer I waited to […]

1/11 NYC Biz Trip pt. 1


Instead of an after dinner mint, our amazing Red Lulu (heads up, their website has audio) waiter brought out a gigantic puff ball of cotton candy!!! …so we did what any civilized person would do — COTTON CANDY FACIAL HAIR! Mike’s quite dapper, no? (MORE PHOTOS BELOW THE JUMP)

The Ghost Snow Cat of My Backyard

Neighbor Cats

I wanted to make a time lapse video of the snow piling up  in my backyard (don’t judge me) and look who wanted to be in it? Keep posted for the time lapse video AND for more photos of the neighborhood alley cats. God! I sound like such a lame-o! time lapse…? cat photos…? Whatever. That […]

A new Christmas Experience.

Christmas Day

For the last four years I’ve spent Christmas Day with my girlfriend Jess and her family. And it’s soooo weird to me. You see, I’m an only child. And I was raised by a single mom. …and, to an extent, my grandparents. For a while, my mom and I actually lived with grandparents and my […]

My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 3

Why oh why do I love this picture? Everything about this shoot makes me roll my eyes. First of all, I’m breaking one of my cardinal rules! I HATE HATE HATE making portraits of people holding books, or whatever it is the writer decides the story is also about. So, I don’t do it. If […]

Outtake: We Heart Our Customers


What a fox, huh? An outtake from my AARP Bulletin assignment in Ambler, PA yesterday. enjoy!

My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

The world is funny, isn’t it? Or at lest that how it seems to me. …but then again, I’m the guy who laughs too much during movies. This is the second installment of my Best Runts of 2010. The first is here. Can I first start by saying I can’t stand lifestyle images. You know what […]

A 21st Century Road Trip!


My college friend Margaret Goerig is going on a 21st century-style road trip! That is, she’s driving cross country with her dog Rennie, meeting up with Facebook friends, writing *cough* — i mean blogging about it on her site, http://www.flitflitter.com — and driving everywhere in a charming jalopy of a camper — Roxie — which […]

Off Task

bsBigRedFtbl clr#50766

…during a semi-pro football game.

Shawna, Brooks and their fat effin cat

Shawna Potter and Brooks Harlan

The following are photos of Shawna Potter, Brooks Harlan and their fat cat Chaos at Big Crunch Amp and Guitar Repair. There’s a common conception that photo shoots are either all work-generated or for the whims of vein people. And to those people I ask: WHAT ABOUT THE FUN OF IT? Some of the photos […]

New York City April 2010 – Images | Matt Roth

NYC 2010

New York City April 2010 – Images | Matt Roth. Last April, I went to NYC with my girlfriend Jess, her Aunt Janet, and Janet’s son Jack. More photos after the jump…

Spring Preview Outtake

hsPreviews clr#48756

In my most recent Spring Preview portrait post, I might have made it seem like the studio is not a fun place. but… …as you can see, if you give a hula hoop to some people and fun can’t not be had.

Dogs Dogs Dogs

A super costume wins the costume contest for Como, 3, during the Columbia Association’s first Welcome Event of the year, Dog Day Afternoon held at Hopewell Park in Columbia Saturday, April 17, 2010. Como, a rescue boxer, was shown by his owner Jody Stacoffe, from Elkridge. I was not excited about the high noon sun […]

For AARP Bulletin: NJ Taxes and the case of Corinne Bell

Below are photos I recently made for an AARP Bulletin story about how New Jersey’s high property taxes effect seniors on fixed incomes. Corinne Bell, partially obscured by artificial flowers on her kitchen table, has lived in the home she and her husband built for 52 years. The widow now lives with three cats, Tiny, Cece, […]

The Key in my Key Lighting is…

Right here… awww. c’mon. why aren’t you laughing? I made this little pun while prepping for a shoot involving several thousand dollars (5 figures!) worth of gems and jewelry yesterday.