Beer, baby and a brand new tree. A big fat lesson all for me!

Beer, Baby, and a New Tree

Jay Lazar drinks a beer while watering his new sweet gum tree outside his Hampden home accompanied by his five-month-old, Mazen, Thursday, May 26, 2011. When Jay and his wife Tammy Beckman moved in their Hampden rowhome seven years ago, they agreed a tree in front of their home would be nice. So, Jay wrote […]

My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 3

Why oh why do I love this picture? Everything about this shoot makes me roll my eyes. First of all, I’m breaking one of my cardinal rules! I HATE HATE HATE making portraits of people holding books, or whatever it is the writer decides the story is also about. So, I don’t do it. If […]

My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

The world is funny, isn’t it? Or at lest that how it seems to me. …but then again, I’m the guy who laughs too much during movies. This is the second installment of my Best Runts of 2010. The first is here. Can I first start by saying I can’t stand lifestyle images. You know what […]

Off Task

bsBigRedFtbl clr#50766

…during a semi-pro football game.

Antique fire truck

iPhone photo. Toned with Camera Bag app.

10am Update: I heart snow.

This is from December, 2008. Jess drew the heart, and our upstairs neighbor’s dog, Josh, was looking to make some yellow snow. I just got my new full-frame D700 and I was making as many night photos as possible. The drawback — which doesn’t really bother me in this image — is that all my […]

10am Update: Ceiling Leak

Dripping water from my kitchen ceiling leak. The water is shot against an underexposed fluorescent light. This was made in my old house in SoWeBo, Baltimore, Maryland May 11, 2006.



Thursday, July 2, 2009. Flowers by the Simkins Dam on the Patapsco River.



After the jump are more photos of some of The Collective dancers shot for their SHORTS promo post card. The Collective presents SHORTS Friday, January 15, 2010 8:00pm at the Creative Alliance. $15/general admission $12/students, seniors, and CA members Here’s the press release: The Collective, named Baltimore’s Best Dance Company for 2008 and 2009 by […]



Mustached Monica at

A few of us got together…


and had a caaaaa-RRRRazzzy photo shoot. …for

The Baltimore trash stack.


(Monday November 18, 2008) The light was bouncing all over the place today. Angry grey clouds encroached on the blue skies, flipping and directing the sun’s rays. gorgeous!

my flight.

A view of Downtown Atlanta. Due to wing maintenance, my flight was delayed for an hour and a half. I’m all about making 

Atlanta Part 2.


This post is all about…

Rescuing Rufus


Pouya and I rescued a toy poodle from the treachery

Atlantic City


Jess and I stayed at the

Geekfest crosswalk.


A rainy sidewalk in St. Petersburg, Florida, Saturday, September 12, 2009.

Bathrooms are…


kinda interesting, don’tcha think?

Outtakes! the fun stuff.

hmHobbitsGlen clr#47136

I’m licking the ball. Howard Magazine Creative Director Michelle Moy, is in the upper left. Bryan Young, the magazine’s designer is next to her. And fellow Patuxent staffer Drew Anthony Smith is to the right. Who took


hsRayPage #47292

Sometimes test shots turn out pretty cool.



After the Pinewoods Elementary School Halloween parade Friday, October 30, 2009, students in Crystal Westerberg’s second grade class had mummy-themed post-parade party. Lucy Jung, right, dressed like a princess, mummifies Grace Cerf, who was a snow princess.

Snow Queen


Jess is such a good sport.



Just because the Greystone golf course, located in White Hall, was named #26 of the nation’s top 50 municipal courses by Golfweek, does not mean playing it will improve your game. Jon Simon, from Baldwin, can attest to that notion after sinking his ball into the drink on the course’s back nine Wednesday, June 3, […]

Why not?