George Steinbrenner Field

Steinbrenner Field

Photos of George Steinbrenner Field, the New York Yankee’s Spring training facility.

Treasure Island, Florida pt. 1

Treasure Island:

Over the holidays, I went on a road trip with Mom, her husband, Rick, and Grandmommy from Atlanta down to — get this — Treasure Island, Florida! Yup. Such a place exists. And no. it’s not an amusement park. ha! Can you imagine Grandmommy at an amusement park? hahaha! …we did get her on a […]

A Driving Tour of Denver. …More Geekfest related stuff.

Geekfest 2011

After Geekfest 2011 ended, Monica Lopossay, Todd Spoth, Ben Rasmussen and I took a driving tour of Denver. And, as expected,

Geekfest 2011, pt. 6!


This is it. This is the last Geekfest-specific post from Denver. For a recap, here are

Kevin Martin! You Rapscallion!

Geekfest 2011

After Kevin Martin was bested by a prank spearheaded by Bettina Hansen he gets a scrap of revenge. …He’s loved.

The Rocky Mountains


After Geekfest was over, Todd Spoth, Monica Lopossay & I went to see the

Geekfest 2011, Part 5!

Geekfest 2011

This Geekfest post is, by far, the MOST energetic. Up top, we got luchadores throwing hadouken blasts. Below, there’s evidence of the infamous Kevin Martin prank… and

Kevin Martin… You’re Under Arrest!

Geekfest 2011

Geekfest 2011 …more quiet photos.

Geekfest 2011

This is the third set of “quiet” photos from Geekfest2011 and the fourth post, overall. Hey look! it’s

Geekfest 2011, pt. 3

Geekfest 2011

This is the first installment of the quirkier, more energetic stuff I shot from Geekfest 2011. Yeah. I know. What in the world is going on here? This, my friends, is the friggin’

Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2

This cat’s name is “Somewhere.” I never got a bead on it’s gender so, I’ll just refer to Somewhere as an “it.” It’s the house cat at the Glob, an art & performance space where Geekfest 2011 threw down! The great thing about Somewhere is that Somewhere didn’t

Geekfest 2011, part 1.


My travel mate Monica Lopossay reflected in a photo in at Ben Rasmussen & Abby Kirkbride’s house in Denver Thursday, September 15, 2011. As usual, Geekfest doesn’t disappoint. This is the first one I’ve been to that wasn’t in St. Petersburg, FL. What’s That? You don’t know what Geekfest is? Here’s it’s history on the APAD […]



Finally! Grandmommy agreed to a portrait session Saturday, August 13, 2011. She’s 83 — I know! can’ you believe it? She looks great for her age. For the occasion she made us some grilled cheese sandwiches and served ice cream cones for desert. The shoot was also during the Brave’s game. They lost. But it […]

Father & Son: Brad & Joe

Joe and Brad

Six-year-old Joe and his dad Brad play a made-up game at the Griffin, GA Starbucks Wednesday, August 10, 2011. They balled up a “cannonball” from a Starbuck’s napkin and knocked cups over. Brad said, “I guess you could call the cups soldiers.” “…like toy soldiers,” clarified Joe. I love it when I see Dad’s who […]

Mom and Rick

Mom and Rick ...with a bag over his head.

Since I’ve been in Atlanta I’ve been wanting to make a portrait of Rick and Mom for her Birthday — which is TODAY!!! August 17th!!! Happy Birthday, Mom! They got married last summer, and I really like Rick. He’s a great guy, wonderful to my mom, and they make each other happy. They get each […]

Logan & Melissa: Progressive Southerners

  I realize these photos kinda paint Logan & Melissa into a stereotyped corner. Don’t get me wrong, they’re obviously gun owners, tobacco users, and unabashed Southerners. …and proud of it! But there’s more to em’ than all that. I remember Logan saying one of the things he absolutely loves about Melissa is

1/11 NYC Biz Trip, Part 3

There are all sorts of stories — most funny, some embarrassing — from my trip to NYC in January. And I had every intention of writing them here! (well, maybe not the Bolt Bus bathroom story. that’s an “in person” story.) …but the task became a bit too daunting. And the longer I waited to […]

1/11 NYC Biz Trip pt. 1


Instead of an after dinner mint, our amazing Red Lulu (heads up, their website has audio) waiter brought out a gigantic puff ball of cotton candy!!! …so we did what any civilized person would do — COTTON CANDY FACIAL HAIR! Mike’s quite dapper, no? (MORE PHOTOS BELOW THE JUMP)

New York City April 2010 – Images | Matt Roth

NYC 2010

New York City April 2010 – Images | Matt Roth. Last April, I went to NYC with my girlfriend Jess, her Aunt Janet, and Janet’s son Jack. More photos after the jump…

Off Season OC: the touristy stuff


Jess ambushes me with a snowball on the Boardwalk. Awesome!

Off Season OC: Day Scapes

Dinosaurs seemingly try to escape the Ice Age at the Old Pro Golf course on the 6800 block of Coastal Highway in Ocean City in the off season Sunday, January 31, 2010. This is the second of

Off Season OC: night scapes


Snow falls in front of the Dunes Manor Hotel. Rates for the ocean front hotel are as low as $71.00/night in the off season. Jess and I went to Ocean City for her 27th birthday at the end of January. For some reason, I decided to incorporate

10am Update: Smoking from a Sprite Bottle


So… this is our China Bus Driver.  He’s smoking “something” out of a Sprite bottle. Most of us on the bus think it’s pot. This other modern dancer we met at the bus stop, Andrea, worried it was opium. Maybe this guy just likes the way Sprite makes his tobacco taste. right? Well, we didn’t […]

Deep Creek


Deep Creek vacation, August ’09. If you wanna check them out, there are more photos below the jump.