self portrait

Jumping on the Bed

Jumping on the bed at the Valley View Motel in Mill Creek, West Virginia.

Acting a fool… Jumping on a motel bed in West Virginia.

Scary Self Portraits, Part 2. The importance of mood.

The !El Mateo!

I recently realized that I when I listen to music I respond waaaayyy more to the mood a song creates than I do to its lyrics. I always hear how the vocals are sung and never hear what’s being said. Maybe that’s why I like metal? It didn’t take too long for me to understand […]

What in the world is wrong with me?

Self Portrait

When practicing a new lighting set up turns juvenile!

The El Mateo!

Self Portrait

The El Mateo! Luchador mask courtesy of the limited edition “Weird Sports” book by Sol Neelman.

Scary Scary Self Portrait

New Grid Test Shots

I FINALLY got some new mods for my Paul C. Buff Einstein — an 11″ Long Throw Reflector¬†and two grids. I went from having only a mini-sun to also shaping my light with something highly directional. The idea was to create a dark dark photo. Something moody with deep deep shadows. That’s easy. I just […]

Self Portrait… ish.

Self Portrait in Griffin, GA

Okay. I’m a little¬†narcissistic. I have a lot of pride …in how I light stuff. But I wanna get better. Admittedly, I have a few weaknesses. One of which is making a scene not look …uh, lit. weird, right? I also have a harder time lighting indoors than I do blasting my subjects in front […]

After 33 years I’m Still A Kid

Act Your Age! 33rd Birthday Self Portrait

Instead of crashing on someone’s couch or …worse yet, a bathtub, for my 33rd birthday in Athens, GA, I decided to spring for a hotel room at the Holiday Inn Saturday, August 6, 2011. So, while I was waiting for Logan King and Melissa Holmes to get ready for dinner, I made some …uh, self […]

“Who Is That On Your ID?” …oh, & I quit my job, too.


“That doesn’t look like you!” and “Who is that on your ID?” I get that a lot when people see the picture on my laniard. This image was made back in 2004 by fellow intern Deana Mitchell. I was having a hard time looking “normal” that day, so I decided to look “smarmy,” instead. Since […]

Don’t Step to this!


(L-R) Marty Day, Nick Borkowicz, and (cough cough) Me. This was shot this back in May, 2006. We got a wild hair up our asses one night. cheap sunglasses, headbands, and novelty gold medals… boom! Believe it or not, the structure behind us is — check this out — made of styrofoam!!!!! Marty’s step dad […]

Test Shot

mfCrossEyed #48265

If no one else is around, this is how I sometimes test out my lighting set up. Truth be told, I had a fun Maryland Family shoot article about old wives tales, specifically about how childrens’ faces are threatened to “stick.”



by the way, these updates are still coming! I know some of you are totally stoked about this, but I’ll bet most of you are getting pretty annoyed. But hang in there, folks! This is my little way of ringing IN the New Year. thanks for sticking with me. with black eyed peas, Matt Roth



(Sunday December 13, 2008) Test shot before the Amy Song Athlete of the year shoot.

A few of us got together…


and had a caaaaa-RRRRazzzy photo shoot. …for

Why not?