For The New York Times

Metro Meteor The Painting Racehorse

It was one of the first beautiful days of the year and I got to spend it out in the gorgeous Maryland countryside, hanging out with a painting horse AND I GOT

139th Preakness

This weekend my buddy Jeff Furticella asked me to shoot the 139th Preakness for the New York Times. Joe Drape wrote a superb breakdown of the race. It was so much fun!!! The race favorite, California Chrome, took home the second jewel of the Triple Crown. We’ll see how he does in the Belmont Stakes […]

Dr. Hal Dietz

Hopkins Dr. Hal Dietz helps Marfan Syndrome sufferers

Hey everyone! This is Dr. Hal Dietz. I photographed him for the New York Times in November. He’s doing some amazing research at Johns Hopkins which looks like it’ll help save the lives of people with Marfan Syndrome. In case y’all are curious, here’s the article. NERD STUFF: If you’re wondering why the photo above looks […]

Go Ravens!

Ray Lewis rally mask

Go Ravens! …is a phrase I never thought I’d utter when I lived in Atlanta. Not that I’d be yelling Go Falcons, either. I’ve never been a football fan. Baseball all the way, baby!  In fact I really hated football when I was at that young, obtuse, preteen age. But working at Patuxent for 6 […]

For the NYTs: DC Hipsters on H St NE

Hipster DC and its emergence under Obama

Photos for the New York Times’ Style Section of DC “politico hipster” nightlife in the district’s cool new neighborhood, H Street, NE.

More Michael Phelps Photos

Michael Phelps Portrait

Portraits and photos of Michael Phelps Working out from 2009. The 2012 London Olympics will be his last competition before retiring as a world class swimmer.

Tennis Phenom Francis Tiafoe for the New York Times

Francis Tiafoe, top national 14-year-old Tennis Player.

Tennis Came to Him. Francis Tiafoe, the top 14-year-old boys Tennis Player in the World.

New York Times Vows: Molly Palmer and Lee Cowan

Lee Cowan and Molly Palmer kiss after cutting their cake

Network journalists Molly Palmer, and Lee Cowan sparked a romance during the notorious Balloon Boy coverage back in 2009. Last weekend they got married and I covered it for The New York Times Vows section.

The New York Review of Books

David Donaldson, Teach For America

A photo David Donaldson photographed in 2009 for a New York Times story was relicensed for a New York Review of Books story on public school education, titled “How, and How Not, to Improve the Schools.” David Donaldson, a high school teacher in the Teach for America program, with his students at the Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences, Baltimore, December 2009.

The Rising Cost of Day Care for the New York Times


Baltimore woman Sheontay Smith, 27, is on a waiting list for subsidized child care. She is photographed Tuesday, December 6, 2011 in the Southwest neighborhood of Baltimore “Sowebo” where she works as an inspection scheduler for the Baltimore Housing Authority. Day care for her three-year-old is $520 a month, her second highest monthly expense next […]

For The New York Times: Extreme Toilet Cleaning

extreme housekeeping-MD

Bethesda home organizer and interior designer Sally Carle shows how to destroy toilet germs, while staying green, for a New York Times story.

Kal Penn For The New York Times

Kal Penn

Kal Penn, actor and former Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement, is photographed in a neighborhood of northwestern D.C. Tuesday, November 8, 2011. I got to meet a movie star a few weeks ago! Kal Penn! Some of you might know him as Kumar, Dr. Lawrence Kutner, or Gogol from The Namesake. …but I […]

Martha Raddatz for the New York Times

ABC News' Martha Raddatz

ABC News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz sits in her office at the ABC Washington DC Bureau Thursday, October 13, 2011. Martha is a super cool person. When we were setting up the shoot for a New York Times profile, she wanted to know what I was thinking for the shoot. So, I threw […]

Vows For the New York Times : Jason Feifer & Jen Miller

Jen Miller and Jason Feifer's Wedding

Jason and Jen are a writerly couple. I love this quote from the story: “He used a semicolon correctly; that was reason enough to get a drink with him.”

For the New York Times: DC’s new Media Brat Pack

Matt Yglesias: Young Pundits

Brian Beutler, reporter with Talking Points Memo, and Dave Weigel’s (seen below) roommate, works at Sticky Fingers Bakery in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington DC Friday, March 4, 2011. Brian Beutler is part of a friend group comprised of increasingly influential DC political journalists and bloggers. These are some photos from a super fun […]

My best of 2010

101218EJGilman074 web

Howard County Times girls soccer player of the year, Marriotts Ridge senior center midfielder Alex Price. This was a big year for me. …2010 is my last year as a newspaper staffer. In this post I’m showcasing the images that I think would easily be considered my “best” images from 2010. These are the images […]


Conference of Bishops on increase in requests for Exorcisms

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill attends a Conference of Bishops addressing the increased demand for

For The NYT’s: Centreville, MD What You Get for … $300,000

What You Get for $300,000

Sally Borghardt’s renovated 1840′s Centreville, MD home is selling for $292,500. Check out the New York Times article and accompanying slideshow. My photos are in the middle. For this shoot I got assignment editor Becky Lebowitz’s approval to use a Nikkor 24mm PC-E — often referred to as a “tilt shift lens” because it does some […]

Chris Coons for the New York Times

Chris Coons

Chris Coons, Democratic candidate for Delaware’s Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden, poses for a portrait at the New Castle Library Thursday, October 7, 2010. First of all, can I get a round of applause for natural window light? This photo accompanies a truly engaging read from New York Times writer Frank Bruni. […]

For the NYT’s: Mama Grizzly, Jr. vs. The Establishment


Volunteers for Delaware Senate Republican primary candidate Christine O’Donnell meet during a rally at Brecknock Park in Camden, DE Sunday, September 5, 2010. Over the weekend I photographed what’s becoming an important Republican Senate primary race in Delaware for The New York Times. On the one hand we have

For the NYT’s: A New Baltimore Arts District?

New Baltimore Arts District?

Buck Jabaily, director of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance stands outside the Single Carrot Theater, which he helped co-found 10 years ago. The small performing arts theater is located in Baltimore’s first arts district, Station North, which was also set up ten years ago. I worked on a story for the New York Times a […]

For the NYTimes, The House That Built Ruth: Gibbons High’s Last Year

I recently shot for a New York Times article discussing the impending demise of Babe Ruth’s high school baseball field. Below are a bunch of photos that didn’t get published. Mike Hoos’s job as the Cardinal Gibbons Admissions Director has faded away, “because

Teach(ing) For America


Barely illuminated by the overhead projector, David Donaldson explains the creative writing assignment to his second 9th grade English class of the day. He is in his second year as a