Republican National Convention, Last Day’


I got to bed last night at 6am. What a day! I got to borrow an obnoxiously big lens (600mm f/4), popped some balloons, and lost almost all feeling in the balls of my feet. It was

Republican National Convention, Day 3


Republican National Convention, Day 2

Republican National Convention

More quirky photos from the Republican National Convention in Tampa while on assignment with Politico.

Shawna, Brooks and their fat effin cat

Shawna Potter and Brooks Harlan

The following are photos of Shawna Potter, Brooks Harlan and their fat cat Chaos at Big Crunch Amp and Guitar Repair. There’s a common conception that photo shoots are either all work-generated or for the whims of vein people. And to those people I ask: WHAT ABOUT THE FUN OF IT? Some of the photos […]

Antique fire truck

iPhone photo. Toned with Camera Bag app.



Whoa! it’s been a while since I’ve used film. There’s a frozen bag of old C-41 in my freezer. It’s all expired and it’s been in and out of the freezer so often, I question it’s consistency. So, I figure the best thing to do with those rolls is to make photos that don’t matter. […]

Lighting Her Own Birthday Candles

…shot with my iPhone. My girlfriend’s sister Sarah lights her own birthday candles Sunday, December 13, 2009. She’ll actually be 25 the following Thursday.