Elizabeth Cline is Hot!

120203ElizabethCline224 Elizabeth Cline is Hot!

Brooklyn-based Author Elizabeth Cline is writing a socio-economic book about fashion, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion. From what she tells me, it’s kinda like Fast Food Nation, but for H&M, Target, & Old Navy.

She was a great subject. We even played with swords. My friend Nick came over with some swords and a mask & we had a pretty rockin’ good time. See, Elizabeth isn’t just a beautiful and talented writer. She’s also the guitar player & singer in Mortals, an all female metal band.

So… the rest of these photos kinda make sense. 120203SwordsAndMask028 Elizabeth Cline is Hot!120203ElizabethCline082 Elizabeth Cline is Hot!120203ElizabethCline088 Elizabeth Cline is Hot!

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