Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2

110917Geekfest060 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2This cat’s name is “Somewhere.” I never got a bead on it’s gender so, I’ll just refer to Somewhere as an “it.”

It’s the house cat at the Glob, an art & performance space where Geekfest 2011 threw down!

The great thing about Somewhere is that Somewhere didn’t make me sneeze once! Could it be the Zyrtech I ran out of halfway through the trip? Maybe it was all that thin air? Maybe Somewhere is just that cool of a cat.

So, this is my second installment of “quiet” photos from Geekfest 2011 in Denver.¬†110917Geekfest094 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2The Glob’s backyard.110917Geekfest098 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2Monica Lopossay110917Geekfest107 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2Sara Lewkowicz¬†110917Geekfest127 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2This piece of cottony fuzz was just flying in the breeze. I noticed this while standing in the long LONG line to the bathroom.110917Geekfest122 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2Benjamin Rasmussen before presenting. …haloed like an angel.110917Geekfest130 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2Melissa Lyttle on her tip toes, making announcements.110917Geekfest275 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2Deb Pang Davis in great light.110917Geekfest293 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2Rob Hart¬†…love that guy.110917Geekfest308 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2110917Geekfest301 Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2Randy Olson gettin’ all Nat Geo up on Thomas Patterson‘s face!








2 Responses to “Geekfest 2011, Pt. 2”

  1. Nina Greipel says:

    Thanks for sharing some pictures. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  2. Matt Roth says:

    Hey Nina! we did have a ton o’ fun. just wait. there’s more.

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