Geekfest 2011 …more quiet photos.

110918Geekfest003 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.

This is the third set of “quiet” photos from Geekfest2011 and the fourth post, overall. Hey look! it’s Monica Lopossay sittin pretty in a chair!

110918Geekfest230 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.110918Geekfest249 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.

Photo of me by either Todd Spoth or Benjamin Rasmussen.  I was like, “hey guys. Can you watch my camera while I go to the bathroom?” And one of those guys made a really nice photo of me. …but when I got it back there were also a TON of out of focus frames of nothing. I’m pretty sure Todd was behind those. He was pressing my shutter button all weekend. C’mon Todd! actuations = resale value!!!110918Geekfest482 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.

we …uh, got hungry at 2am. Don’t judge us.110920Denver030 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.110918Geekfest504 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.

sometimes I get distracted by shiny things.110918Geekfest496 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.

John Moore.110918Geekfest516 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.110918Geekfest539 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.

Gettin’ my Sam Abell on! …art direction by Todd Spoth.110918Geekfest551 Geekfest 2011 ...more quiet photos.And that’s the end of Geekfest. I made an exit photo in a puddle. Dont act like you’re not impressed.

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