Backyard Photoshoot: Luceo’s David Walter Banks

110807DavidWalterBanks011 Backyard Photoshoot: Luceos David Walter BanksWhat’s good for the goose is good for the gander, am I right?

…yeah. I know. I just called Kendrick a goose. She’ll probably have a few choice words for me.

This is… uh, her gander, I guess? David Walter Banks.  They’re both founding members of Luceo Images. …and ENGAGED!!! congrats congrats.

The day after my birthday, I had lunch with David, Kendrick & Corey Perrine in East Atlanta, at the EARL …where cell phone signals go to die.

It’s also walking distance from D&K’s home. Earlier that day, I asked Kendrick if she’d be interested in a photo shoot. She obviously said yes.

They have a cool backyard, so that’s where I decided we were gonna let the magic happen! …and by magic, I mean conduct a photo shoot.

Side note: Corey, hung out for a bit, but unfortunately, he had to cut out early. The drive back to Augusta is pretty long. I figured I’d tie up that loose string.

Just as well, too… The photo shoot went on until the early AM hours.

Obviously, I couldn’t not shoot David, either. Admittedly, these aren’t the best photo from the night. Not to worry. They’re on their way! …I just haven’t posted the “Sunday Fun Day” shots yet. Those are fun! Keep your pants on. They’re coming.

110807DavidWalterBanks003 Backyard Photoshoot: Luceos David Walter Banks

Admittedly, these shoots should have a more location variety. They have a cool backyard, but they also have an adorable dog named Highland. …and Highland makes adorable little poops all over the backyard. Seeing as how it was night time, we certainly ran the risk of stepping in dog bombs. …okay. We did step in poop. hehehe. during the Sunday Fun Day shoot, David actually planted his hand square in a pile o’ poop. I was a little late on the draw getting his reaction.

110807DavidWalterBanks031 Backyard Photoshoot: Luceos David Walter Banks

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