My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100421GirlsLAX167 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

The world is funny, isn’t it?

Or at lest that how it seems to me. …but then again, I’m the guy who laughs too much during movies.

This is the second installment of my Best Runts of 2010. The first is here.

Can I first start by saying I can’t stand lifestyle images. You know what I’m talking about — Beautiful people laughing for no reason. …maybe holding a glass of wine, or frolicking through a field of wheat. It’s cheap high-gloss stock. Sure, there’s a semblance of a story being told, but it’s trying too hard to be perfect and beautiful. …but it lacks substance. What ends up happening is none of that joy those beautiful people in the photo translates to the end user — the audience.

Me? I roll my eyes.

…well, I sometimes chuckle. but it’s usually because a miscreant blacked out one of the boring hot chick’s teeth. …you know the one. She’s about to eat some spaghetti.

Now that’s funny. …at least to me. Like I said in Runts part 1, I like to celebrate the imperfect in life.

And I’m starting to realize (and I’m kinda cringing while I write this) that Happy is Boring.

…at least in photography.

Sure, if some kid is opening a birthday present and he’s making the craziest face in the world — like OUT OF HIS MIND HAPPY — because he got the most bad-ass toy robot ever, then that’s good stuff. That’s an emotion we can enjoy through someone else’s experience. But laughing on the beach FOR NO REASON isn’t entertaining. Those are passive photo. It’s like the white bread of photography. no nutrition.

To be clear, there’s a difference between BEING happy and trying to make a picture of happy. People smiling for no reason is void of content, void of purpose, and void of personality. It’s the quirks and our imperfections we, as individuals, are loved for. And so, I look for those when I’m out making pictures. Ultimately, I want the audience to relate to the subjects and stories in my images. …and rather than show them pictures of people laughing, I’d rather them enjoy a chuckle or two. Enjoy!

100417DogDayAfternoon288 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100417DogDayAfternoon312 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100417Green050 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100428SpecialOlympianSoccer128 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100602CentennialGrad209 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100607RobbyCreesePOY042 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100623SoccerDome349 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100625GeorgiaAquarium222 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100626MomRicksWedding044 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100907BMXFamily366 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100905ChristeneODonnell356 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100825ScottSimpson003 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100819Cheerleaders117 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100807KeriAndJeffsWedding1468 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100807KeriAndJeffsWedding0576 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100706HotBDayAtElkhorn174 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100703Catonsville4thOfJuly328 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

100626MomRicksWedding443 web My Best “Runts” of 2010 pt. 2

My mom got married to a wonderful man, Rick, this summer. They have so much in common, such as not liking bubbly. You gotta give em’ props for trying, right? So, lets raise a glass and wish them well! She finally found a good fit for her.

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  1. Richard says:

    Nice stuff. I added a link in the Photo Wire Online POY 2010 masterlist.

  2. John Averill says:

    Hi Matt
    I swear, I am not a spam bot. And these photos are tons of fun!

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