My best of 2010

101206AlexPrice082 web My best of 2010

Howard County Times girls soccer player of the year, Marriotts Ridge senior center midfielder Alex Price.

This was a big year for me. …2010 is my last year as a newspaper staffer.

In this post I’m showcasing the images that I think would easily be considered my “best” images from 2010. These are the images that will most likely help get me work in the future. They’re important for that reason — they’re hopefully testaments to my skill as a portrait and documentary photographer. I think when you look at these photos you’ll probably notice they rely pretty heavily on one visual aspect or another: DRAMATIC LIGHTING, VISUAL HUMOR, SIMPLE BEAUTY, OR SUBTLETY. Some are quirkier than others, but these are the images everyone will like.

I like them.

I like them a lot. But, I can’t help but think, that they’re all relatively safe images, too. There’s nothing daring about them. Personally, I love the “off moments” in life — and in pictures.

So, I’ve given this post a weirdo sibling. In that post I highlight the best images of what I affectionately call my “RUNTS.” They’re the ones that not everyone likes or gets. They’re the ones that fall short, when coupled with my “GOOD” work. Usually, they’re the “outs” when I get advice on an edit.

Having said that I’m extremely proud of THESE images — in this post. I don’t want you to think I’m discounting them. Like I said, I think they’re good.

2011 will be an interesting year. I’m on my own. hooray!!! …but I have to maintain and buy my own gear. Getting work is up to me. But I’m excited about that. Marketing is fun. I’ll finally get to work on projects I’m interested in, and I won’t get into fights with editors. “No” doesn’t cary as much gravity anymore. In my new life, editors are clients, not my bosses. I’m no longer an employee and that feels great! When the photos I like don’t run, it’s won’t feel personal or politically motivated anymore. …besides, I have a blog. So, they’ll be seen. AND I CAN RESELL THEM!!!

I don’t regret being a staffer. The Patuxent Publishing Company is one of the best photo papers around. And it was an amazing bootcamp. …but it was better when I started there. We had a bigger staff, more leadership support, more money, more space. Heck! We ran photo essays weekly — sometimes 2-3! But times have changed — DRASTICALLY for newspapers. …and for me.

So. lets celebrate this new beginning with my best photos from 2010. Thanks so much for looking.

101218EJGilman074 web My best of 2010

Wilde Lake senior linebacker E.J. Gilman, the 2010 football Defensive Player of the Year, helped lead the Wildecats to a State Championship.

100131OffSeasonOceanCity128 web My best of 2010

Dinosaurs seemingly try to escape the Ice Age at the Old Pro Golf course on the 6800 block of Coastal Highway in Ocean City in the off season Sunday, January 31, 2010.

100205SnowyColumbia055 web My best of 2010

Branches protrude form the frozen waters of Lake Kittamaqundi during the preliminary snowfall Friday, February 5, 2010.

100326CorinneBell214 web My best of 2010

Corinne Bell sits down for a cup of tea and a Tastee Cake. The 79-year-old New Jersey woman has lived in the home she and her husband built for 52 years. The widow now lives with three cats, Tiny, Cece, and Sheba, former strays who now call the split level on Main Street, Pilesgrove “home,” too. “Somedays they’re the only company I get,” says Bell. New Jersey seniors who live on fixed incomes are in danger of losing their homes because of the state’s high property taxes — the highest in the nation. “I have too much stuff to move.” She also worries about the future of her cats. In the past a social program called Senior Freeze alleviated a portion of the property taxes for those who qualified. The state’s new Republican Governor Christopher Christie has yet to fully reinstate the program.
101121BettyHanzlick071 web My best of 2010
Betty Hanzlick, 85, photographed in her studio apartment Sunday November 21, 2010, has been a resident of the Above and Beyond personal care facility for six years. In 2011, the state of Pennsylvania will offer assisted living facility licenses to approved elder care facilities, which, in  turn, will be eligible for federal medicaid money. Some of the older personal care facilities, like Above and Beyond, will not qualify because, for example, rooms like Betty’s do not have full bathrooms. The residents use a shared shower facility.
100601CaseySchmidt023 web My best of 2010
Glenelg’s Casey Schmidt is one of those powerhouses at the plate and on the pitching rubber. To clench the 2010 county championship she hit her second homerun of the game against Howard in the eighth inning. She plays volleyball with equal veracity. Next year the seventeen-year-old won’t have to decide which one to focus on, she will play both for Grove City (Pa.) College.
100605KoryBritton094 web My best of 2010
Atholton junior shortstop is the baseball player of the year.
100611KelliPease029 web My best of 2010
Left-handed lead off hitter for Lansdowne High School Kelli Pease maintained a .500 batting average during the season. The two-sport junior also played volleyball for the Vikings in the winter.
100620CollectivePopArt409 web 465x700 My best of 2010
Promo shoot for The Collective’s Pop Art show of dancer Cait Moler.
100807KeriAndJeffsWedding1120 web My best of 2010
I broke one of my rules this year. I don’t shoot friends’ weddings, but Keri’s also a photographer. PLUS I introduced her and her husband Jeff. So, I didn’t mind. It felt less like a job and more like a role. This is her moments before walking to the ceremony. She’s super nervous.
100820Fencer306 web My best of 2010
Laurel resident Gabrielle Galvez, with Baltimore Fencing Center of Columbia, won a bronze in the Division 3 Woman’s Epee at the US Fencing Association’s Summer National Championships in Atlanta, GA. Galvez is photographed at BFC Friday, August 20, 2010.
101117LardariusWebb071 web My best of 2010
Baltimore Ravens’ corner back Lardarius Webb is photographed in the field house of the Ravens’ Owings Mills Training Facility Wednesday November 17, 2010.
101130TylerSilberberg047 web 407x700 My best of 2010
Wilde Lake sophomore golfer Tyler Silberberg is the player of the year, photographed off one of the water hazards at Hobbit’s Glen golf course Tuesday, November 30, 2010.
101210MikeGlazer074 web 558x700 My best of 2010
Marriotts Ridge senior Mike Glazer led the Mustangs to their second straight State Title, but he was also tops in the league scoring 25 goals. Friday, December 10, 2010.
100812ElevenYrOldWeightLifter099 web My best of 2010
Tyler Maizels, from Parkton, is a nationally ranked bronze medalist in his weight lifting age division.  The eleven-year-old is photographed at his family’s home gym Thursday, August 12, 2010. He and his mother Patty Maizels competed in the Maryland State Championships August 16-17 in Frederick, MD.
100928Vet448 web My best of 2010
Dr. Barbara Feinstein, of the Cat and Dog Hospital of Columbia, plays the part of patient while concerned Greyhound “Dr.” Moosh takes her pulse for the Best Veterinarian of Howard 2010 issue shoot Tuesday, September 28, 2010.
101124TheBigThree131 web My best of 2010
Oakland Mills’ coach Jon Browne calls junior Kerry Bethea, senior Greg Wittington, and senior Joe Kiely, the “Big Three.”  The trio are photographed in the Oakland Mills gym Wednesday, November 24, 2010.
101112ExorcismConference037 web My best of 2010
Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill attends a Conference of Bishops addressing the increased demand for exorcisms at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott in the Harbor East area of Baltimore City Friday, November 12, 2010.
101007ChrisCoons127 web My best of 2010
Chris Coons, Democratic candidate for Delaware’s Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden, poses for a portrait at the New Castle Library Thursday, October 7, 2010.
101208SamBrostrom092 web My best of 2010
Centennial senior Sam Brostrom is the volleyball player of the year. She is photographed at Centennial High School Wednesday, December 8, 2010.
101017CorinneZahlisSeniorPortrait0487 web 465x700 My best of 2010
Corinne Zahlis at Historic Savage Mill Sunday, October 17, 2010.
100901DonovanSmith075 web 465x700 My best of 2010
Owings Mills tackle Donovan Smith, 6’5″, 280 lbs, has been offered 22 scholarships to play football in college. He is photographed at Owings Mills High School’s football stadium Wednesday, September 1, 2010.

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  1. kristin goldscher says:

    love these – all of them. if you ever need a grunt to carry your bags….

  2. alim says:

    Great, great images…I’m already looking forward to seeing your 2011 work.
    Awesome as always..btw, love the one of Dr Feinstein, it’s hilarious. Lighting on the first 2 are amazing as well!

  3. Robin says:

    So many good pictures! Very inspiring!

  4. Matt G says:

    I’ve enjoyed seeing your pics of local athletes… good luck with your new gig!

  5. burt says:

    nice work and good luck! gilman and bell shots are my faves.

  6. sarahmica says:

    wow. wonderful, wonderful work! ditto on the inspiring!

  7. Clayton says:

    Great stuff! I esp love the high school sports portraits. Awesome lighting. Look forward to your work in 2011!

  8. Ed G says:

    I really enjoyed your photos in the HC Times for years. They always caught my eye and made to look to see who shot them. The above photos are great!!! Best Wishes for your new endeavors.

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