Chris Coons for the New York Times

101007ChrisCoons127 Chris Coons for the New York Times

Chris Coons, Democratic candidate for Delaware’s Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden, poses for a portrait at the New Castle Library Thursday, October 7, 2010.

First of all, can I get a round of applause for natural window light?

This photo accompanies a truly engaging read from New York Times writer Frank Bruni. Coons is in an uncommon position here. He’s running against Christine O’Donnell, a famous person. It’s hard to talk about him — and sorta kind introduce, nationally — without talking about her. Here’s my favorite quote from the story. “She: cheerleader pretty. He: science-club-president plain.” ha!

Here’s my other favorite quote, “As a photographer zoomed in, he winced. ‘I’m just not used to people taking 100 pictures of me while I’m trying to be thoughtful,’ he said. ‘I’ve had six months of no one paying any attention to my campaign whatsoever.’” That’s me! He’s talking about me!

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