10am Update: Cute ol’ Man

 10am Update: Cute ol Man

An ensemble of french horns and bassoons will be competing with jet engines at BWI and last minute shoppers at the Westminster Mall in the coming weeks. Phil Hooks, instructor for the french horns, peers over sheet music and excitedly conducts his pupils at Westminster Baptist Church Sunday December 12, 2004.

I love this image. But about a week after making this image, after the now defunct Westminster Eagle came out, I got a phone call from a perfect stranger congratulating me for making, and I’m paraphrasing here, not patting myself on the back, “such a good image in such a rinky dink paper.” As it turns out he was visiting Westminster from Atlanta (where I’m from!). And I guess he wasn’t used to seeing good photography in hyper local newspapers. Obviously, I wouldn’t say the Eagles, both Westminster and Eldersburg, were by any means rags. Patuxent does community journalism really well. And of course, these days they have to do it really well, what with next to no budget. The funny thing is, if the publishers and bosses of all the community newspapers gave photography more of a lead visually and invested a bit more time and money into their photo departments, I think they’d A.) be taken more seriously B.) well liked by the community they cover C.) end up in more scrap books than bird cages. Lets be honest, most people want to get in the newspaper at some point in their lives, right?

The 10am Update is a regular feature on the blog showcasing some of the best photos from my archives.

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