Holy Smokes! I’m in 2nd place.

I know this sounds like I’m bragging — and well, I guess I am a little, but not in a cocky way. It’s more like a “super excited” kind of bragging.

I did really well in the recently judged September clip contest. The monthly clip contest doesn’t really go in order. December’s already been judged, for example, and we’re still waiting on results from November, August, and May.

So, In addition to winning 1st and 2nd in Feature/Multiple, I also placed first in Sports, and third in Feature/Single.

It was a good month for some of my friends, too. Fellow PPC co-worker Sarah Nix-Pastranna won 2nd in Feature/Single. Patrick Smith landed second in Sports, and Drew Anthony Smith grabbed 2nd and 3rd in Illustration. I’m 100 points — or two first place wins — away from tying with Kyle Green, the regional clip Juggernaught from The Roanoke Times. Fingers crossed!

Picture 3 Holy Smokes! Im in 2nd place.

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  1. Nick says:

    Stop winning so much!

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