Atlantic City

091127AtlanticCity008 Atlantic City

Jess and I stayed at the Ascot Motel in Atlantic City a month ago.

091127AtlanticCity017 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity032 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity042 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity059 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity066 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity074 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity083 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity089 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity094 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity121 Atlantic City

Dooter and Ashley cuddle up while William, Catrina, Jess, and Phil make their way to the Ocean off the Atlantic City boardwalk Saturday, November 28, 2009. Jess wanted to touch the Ocean.

091128AtlanticCity128 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity129 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity169 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity170 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity174 Atlantic City

091128AtlanticCity178 Atlantic City

A couple walked past this fashion shoot and the guy didn’t see William in the tree until he started moving. He was like,”I only saw teeth!”

091128AtlanticCity184 Atlantic City

You guys have heard of a headdress, right?  Well, William is fashioning a headskirt at H&M.

091128AtlanticCity192 Atlantic City

see the American Flag light?

091129AtlanticCity008 Atlantic City

091129AtlanticCity009 Atlantic City

William abandoned his lewd gestures after realizing there was a tiny child hiding behind the cardboard cutout.

091129AtlanticCity021 Atlantic City

see Jess in the sunglasses reflection? …clever.

091129AtlanticCity057 Atlantic City

In the secret bathroom, behind the video games, at the Arcade where, because of my skeeball skills, I won a jackknife comb.

I always wanted one of those. I’ve decided it’s ONLY for my beard. …which William, seen below, trimmed. He and his roommate, both dancers, were worried the cleaning lady was going to mistake it for pubic hair. …creepy clumps of course pubic hair.

091129AtlanticCity068 Atlantic City

091129AtlanticCity070 Atlantic City

from the best store in the world!

091129AtlanticCity075 Atlantic City

best knock off perfume name ever.

091129AtlanticCity078 Atlantic City

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